Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Brilliant Analysis of First Presidential Debate


This is from a friend and it is brilliant!!!

I’ve read several posts concerning last night’s Presidential Debate, with the common consensus being that it was a disappointment and that neither nominee won.  I disagree.  While I have to admit that it was not the debate I had been anxiously anticipating for weeks, in the end, after the dust settled and I had time to process the whole spectacle…I had to smile and remind myself that Donald J. Trump was EXACTLY the man last night that he has always been.  He was unapologetically authentic – never sugar-coating, crawfishing, or buttering his bread on both sides.  He came into the arena like a lion and went out with a roar.  Judge Jeanine Pirro said it best last night on Hannity.  She said Trump is like Daniel in the lion’s den who comes out with a pelt slung over his shoulder and his tie straight.  I find that visual spot on. 

There are those who wish the President would keep a tighter rein on his tongue or perhaps be more polite. I have been guilty of thinking the same thing a time or two, but I have to stop and remind myself of one universal fact.  Bananas don’t grow on apple trees, so why in the world should anyone expect him not be true to his own nature?  

Some thought he was rude to Biden and steamrolled over him…and it might have even seemed that way at first.  But after reflecting on it…I saw a man who is passionate about his country…who has been fighting an unimaginable battle to defend you and me and this country against forces so evil that they would have taken down a lessor man.  President Trump is like a mighty oak tree in a violent storm.  The wind may howl and uproot everything else around him, but he stands his ground against the forces of nature.  How many of us could have withstood the hailstorm of lies and misinformation and the relentless, pelting criticism which has beat down on the man day and night since first stepping onto the political stage? I suppose in light of everything that has been hurled at him, he has a right to be angry at the way he’s been treated.  Remember my friends, the way our sitting President has been treated is a reflection of how little the dems think of this great country and those who voted him into office.  Their hatred spills over to you and me in everything they say and do…in every bill they block which would aid the American people, every tax dollar they waste at our expense, the years of time-consuming conspiracy theories, frivolous hearings, impeachment trials, and those whose lives they have purposely sought to ruin.  In light of what Donald Trump has been up against from the git-go…not for himself…but to defend you and me from the insane “re-imaginings” of the left, I’d say he deserves a standing ovation for his unshakable fortitude. So, for anyone who thought the President was going to come onto the stage, smile and shake lyin’ Biden’s hand and make nice…you haven’t been paying attention.  The time for making nice is over.  Sleepy Joe is not fooling anyone.  Underneath that cool exterior and Cheshire cat smile, is an insidious worm who would spoil the whole barrel of apples if given a chance.  Trump know this, and so do we.    

The gloves are off my friends.  Trump had the democrats against the ropes during the debates.  It was painful to watch at times, but when it was all said and done, I’d still rather have someone in the ring who is willing to fight to the death for me, than someone like the former Vice President who doesn’t have the sense to know that he is up against a heavyweight.  I’m not even sure that two more debates are necessary.  I believe Biden has already gone down for the count…he just doesn’t know it yet. 

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